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India PCC for US residents

So my wife and I drove up to NY last week to get the PCC done and over with in person at the Consulate General (CGNY). Here’s our experience in case it helps anyone.
– There is an option to drop off all documents in person including original passport between 9.15 and 11.30am Mon – Fri, where the staff at the Consulate will verify that all documents are present and will issue a receipt (one per passport)
– In person, you can either pay by cash or money order/cashier’s check. No credit/debit cards accepted
– The fees are: $25 for passports issued by CGNY, $40 for passports issued by other authorities. Plus $3 per passport for the Indian Community Welfare Fee
– For documents, we submitted per passport:
– Filled up form for miscellaneous services
– passport in original
– photocopy of driver’s license for address proof (for proof that you do fall under the jurisdiction of that consulate)
– photocopy of first and last page of passport
– photocopy of visa page (or Green Card if applicable)
– copy of I-94 (if applicable)

Once the documents/passport were collected by the staff and receipts issued, we were asked to return between 12.30pm and 1pm, or 4.30pm and 5pm that day – these are the windows for delivery of documents.

We did not need to notarize any document since we were applying in person.
If you’re applying via mail, all photocopies from the list above need to be notarized. I would suggest going to any bank you’re a member of to get this done. We usually go to our local credit union where notarization is done for free.

The Misc. services form on the CGNY website has no reference to the country that the PCC is issued for, so we had to write something on the lines of “Applying for immigration to Canada” on the form.

Finally, my passport was issued in India while my wife’s was issued in New York. According to same day service is NOT applicable to passports not issued by CGNY. However while dropping off the passport, I asked the clerk if I could get the PCC the same day and she said it depends on what they see in their systems about my background. I.e. if it’s all clear, the PCC would be issued the same day and if more details were needed, it would take longer.

We picked up the PCC’s the same day at 12.30pm.

Hope this helps.

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