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Incubators asking for large amount of money to get letter of support.

Hi All,
My US based startup got accepted in a business incubators which is among the listed designated organization by CIC for the startup visa program.
However they asked for 20k CAD as an administration fee to issue the support letter. During our discussions and the whole application process this fee wasnt brought up even though we asked them explicitly what would be the cost.

Is this the normal way incubators work in Canada ? It seems like it defeats the whole purpose of the SVP as startups have limited funds to begin with. It looks like they are selling the visa.

I’m considering other options right now beside SVP given that I need to have a temporary work permit as soon as possible in Canada. Any pointers on where to look?
Could we incorporate the company in canada and make it a subsidiary of the US company then just hire ourselves?

Any help would be appreciated!

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