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Impact of Adding spouse after receiving AOR of Permanent Residency application

Hello all!

I’ve been looking through the net up and down and I’m hoping to find someone who can assure me on my inquiry.

I have applied for immigration to canada online under the FSW-Express Entry and received an ITA. Then I submitted my complete Permanent Residency application and paid all fees and recieved an AOR (Acknowledgement Of Receipt) letter through my online permanent residency application on May 26th,2017.

I was single at the time of my AOR and I just got married on the 27th of January 2018, and would like to add my wife to my application.

Now my inquiry is that if I add my wife now, will it affect my CRS score from my EE profile to be recalculated in my stage of application and cause my whole application to be reassessed all over again with my wife’s documents? Although my current application is under “Permanent Residency” and my “Express Entry “ application has the message “invitation Recieved” .

Currently The last update of my permanent residency application is “You passed the medical exam”.

My second question is that If adding my wife doesn’t affect my application and I add her, will I need to submit new settlement funds proof? And will the settlement funds be calculated at the time of submission of online documents ? as I may not have enough funds at the time of submission but will gain more income in the coming few months which will cover the settlement funds, as well as I have assets (car, household equipment ,furniture etc.) that can be sold at time of immigration.

Thanks alot!

P.S. can you guys please respond with clear descriptions of shorcuts used such as PPR(??) and other terms that some other members and I cannot understand :)

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