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IMP: Post ITA Inquiry | Canada Immigration Forum

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank this beautiful forum to help me with the previous question. Finally, I have received an ITA.

I am stuck with 2 questions which need immediate advice:

Ques 1: Provide all of the addresses where XXXX has lived in the past ten years or since XXXX 18th birthday, whichever is most recent. Do not leave any gaps.

– In India, I have lived at only 1 address but in Canadian while, on a study permit, I had changed my address 4 times. I did mention that. DO I Need to mention only 1 Canadian address?

For Example:
1992 – 2017 – INDIAN ADDRESS
SEP 2017 – DEC2017 – Canadian Address 2
JAN 2018 – NOV2018 – Candian Address 3
Dec2018 – October 2019 – Candian Address 4
Nov2019 – Until NOW

Ques2: Provide the details of XXXXX personal history in the last ten years (or since his/her 18th birthday if this was less than ten years ago).

– After my foreign experience which finished in MAY-2017, I was doing nothing for June & July as I began my Canadian studies in August-2017.

I am confused on if I need to choose unemployed in that section for those months or what? During those two months, I was preparing for coming to Canada(shopping and all)

I shall be very grateful if anyone answers and help me.

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