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IELTS lower in re-test after express entry profile submission

Thanks for the reply.

BTW, when you mention as “prior to submission of your profile”.. It means final submission (i.e final submission for PR) Correct?
Because I already created the express entry profile and awaiting for ITA. In the mean-time, thought of writing another IELTS to increase my score and chances. But at the same time, if I am getting lower score than the previous one… As long as my previous (older) is valid, I no need to update my new score in EE Profile.

From your reply, I understand that we no need to update the lower score as long as the IELTS is valid. but in the SITE its mention as always needs to update the newer score. Thats the confusion area.

Changes to your personal situation
If your situation (or that of your spouse or partner) changes, you should re-calculate your score before applying online for permanent residence.

If your recalculated score is less than the lowest score in your round of invitations, you should decline the invitation. If you decide to apply anyway, we may:

  • refuse your application
  • not refund your application fee

Some examples of changes that could lower your score:

  • you no longer have a valid job offer
  • you no longer have a provincial nomination
  • your language test scores:
    • have expired
    • are lower after you were retested

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