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Bro! Trust me i have been in the same dilemma and i could not choose between either.

All i did was read two rakat ” Salat e Hajaat” and then leave it to Allah…

Although i was determined to go with CES but then i got inclined towards ICAS and finally sent my docs to ICAS


CES has a lot of manual work ( for e.g. the credit card form has to be filled out instead of online)
CES has no online profile ( you have to fill out the application)
CES requires that the university send the sealed envelopes to them directy ( which is a hassle)

With ICAS:

You create an online profile, Pay you fees through CC , get an ICAS file number is email.
Make photocopy of your degree and transcript.
Enclose the sealed envelope from HEC ( if you have one)
Enclose the document form sent in email by ICAS

FInally mail your application.

I found ICAS easier.

Lets see when i get my ECA…Fingers crossed and time running out.

Pray for me :)


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