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How to get Family Reunification Letter from IRCC

I am an international student with an approved visa. I was supposed to fly to Canada yesterday with my wife (Work Visa) and my 2 kids (Visitor Visas) which were all included and approved in my regular stream Student Visa application.

At the airport, they were asking for a Reunification Letter from IRCC. Upon checking the website, it states the following:

Written authorization may be issued to facilitate family unity at the onset and allow for the whole family to travel together and establish residence in Canada. There is no requirement for the head of family (ex. a worker or student) to come to Canada first and the rest of the family travel at a later date with authorization letters to reunite in Canada.

Recommended documentation for travel
Documentation showing their immediate family member’s temporary resident status and their relationship to that family member, and written authorization from IRCC:

  • Copy of the immediate family member’s work permit, study permit, temporary resident permit, or visitor record (please note that a visitor record may not be suitable to meet an exemption in all circumstances)
  • Relationship To Family Member
  • Written authorization from an IRCC officer.
    • IRCC will provide a letter to the foreign national to demonstrate to the airline that they are authorized to travel to Canada under this exemption. In situations where a foreign national arrives at a port of entry with an IRCC authorization letter for reuniting immediate family members, the purpose of travel will generally be considered non-discretionary as IRCC is only issuing such letters when travel is for a non-discretionary purpose. Foreign nationals must still continue to meet all regular eligibility and admissibility requirements for entry into Canada. As always, the final decision on admission to Canada is made by Border Services Officers at Canadian ports of entry, and in cases where new or conflicting information is provided at entry, Border Service Officers continue to apply their discretion.

So now, how do I request for one? I can’t find any link or contact to do this.

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