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How to get address changed in India in passport?

Hi Guys,

How to get address changed in India in the passport, from one city to the other ? It requires any of the following documents mentioning the new address – Aadhaar / Driving License / Voter ID / Bank correspondence Address – but for address change in any of these, you need one of the other documents among the same list. Eg. for change in Bank correspondence address , you need Aadhaar / Driving License / Voter ID / Passport. Seems like a catch 22 situation.
I do have employment contract , offer letter and salary slips, which used to be used earlier for address change. But seems like they have removed this option now. Rental agreement is not an option as I live in PG.
Any solution will be appreciated.

(The passport address change will be required for PCC. I changed my city last year due to change in employment)



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