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How to find PR Card Number???

I have received my PR card last Friday, so It should be the newer version of PRC that comes out in Nov 2015.

At the frond of the PRC, I can find “ID No/N’ ID: 0000-0000“.
At top right corner of its back, it says “PB0123456

What is the different between these two numbers? Lots of resources say that the front is the Client ID and the back is the PRC number.

With this new PRC, I can then apply for Nexus card on GOES, if I use the presumably correct 7 digits (excluding PB) PRC number, the system generates an error message: “The A-number for a permanent resident card issued by CANADA must be exactly 8 digits in nnnn-nnnn or nnnnnnnn format.“.

Please help!

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