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Hong Kong timeline | Canada Immigration Forum

Hi Everybody,

I was watching this forum for quite sometime now, and tons of very good information here, from which I got inspired and fuelled my patience. Thank you so much guys.

However, I thought I should share my timeline, information and experience here.
I met my wife in November 2010, on line.
I went to HK in Jan. 2011 for 1 week, when we first met.
I went to China in July 2011, for 3 weeks, during which period we got married there.
I went to China in january 2012, to spend the Chinese New Year with her.
Will fly again to HK in June 2012 to be with her at her interview.

My wife lives in Guangzhou, which is 1 hour drive from HK.

– Medicals done when I was in China, after our marriage, at the end of July (20 ? or so)
– Submitted to CIC the Spusal Sponsorship on Aug.03, 2011.
– E-mail form CIC on Oct. 18, stating “You have met the requirements for eligibility as a sponsor. Accordingly, the Application for Permanent Residence for your relative(s) has been forwarded to a visa office abroad for further processing.” I guess this meant that I have been approved as sponsor, although on e-cas does not say that.
– E-mail form V.O. HK on Nov.22 to my wife that her file is there for processing.
So, I thought 19 months waiting time started from there.
In January 2012, my wife’s address dissapeared from e-cas.
-E-mail from HK V.O. on March 21, to my wife, scheduled for interview on June 20, 2012.

e-cas for my wife still shows: “Application received” and medicals received. For me, as sponsor, still shows “In Process”.

The funny thing is that exactly in the week when she received the interview e-mail, I was planning to notarize an invitation letter to send her for a visitor visa to come here in July for 2 weeks. I know that in 99% of the cases, it is rejected, but I thought, hey…maybe we are the 1%….We were thinking meeting like every 6 months until summer of 2013 when she would come here, after the 19 months HK processing time. I intended to apply for a multiple visitor visa for her, for 2 weeks in July and 2 weeks in December, for Christmas. Then, after another 6 months, is summer of 2013, …but with God’s help, maybe we will be 1 year earlyer together…

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