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Hi recently I receive an offer from a person who resides in canada kindly let me know whether it is true or fake.

Dear, Applicant.

This is to acknowledge your mail and thanks for your interest in working with me, the content of your mail sounds good to me.
I am Dr. Howard Scot Miller by name, a Canadian citizen with a lovely happy family my wife, my daughter and my grandchildren, my wife work with the Canada Missionary Organization based in Yonge Street,Canada .and my daughter work with one of the largest bank in Canada, ( Reserve Bank of Canada ) as a transaction officer.

I am a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) here in Nixon Street, Ingersoll. With over 25 years of veterinary clinical, research and teaching experience in Canada and Latin America, and i also supervise our Livestock Farm but right now i got lots of commitments and am most often get my hands occupied, it is imperative for me to get a worthy assistant urgently who will monitor and keep me up to date with the livestock farm house activities..
I deals with some Government Owned Livestock Companies, which really takes much of my time, such as:.
Animal charities such as the RSPCA
Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC)
Government agencies…

As the livestock farm Assistance, you will be proficient and well-versed in some aspects of my private business service. You will mostly be available for guiding and supervising the Livestock Farm house. It is often a hands-on role and a good supervisor should be willing and able to step into other people’s roles should the occasion arise, to ensure that any worker absences do not affect the smooth running of the livestock farm house and make sure things are going well in the farm house while you will report to me directly as i may not be able to pick calls during office hours due to my busy schedule and my office protocol but my wife will show up around to see things by herself anytime you require her attention..
At present am having two boys and a lady working in the Livestock Farm house and my daughter supervised.
The employment information and conditions are as follow:

******Employment Status: Full time with the following facilities******
A) A private furnished self apartment suitable for family will be provided free of charge, should in-case you wish to come and live with your family here in Canada.
B) Free feeding and Medical care will be provided.
C) Free airline ticket will be provided for applicant and his/her family.
D) Free shopping twice in a year for principal applicant.
E) A day off every week and six weeks fully paid home leave each year.

You will be working in the farm house from 7am to 12noon in the morning and from 2pm to 7pm in the evening.

Monthly basic salary will be $8,600.00 CAD at start, with allowance of $700.00 CAD for your weekly up-keeping.
Total Gross Salary $9,300.00 CAD monthly and will be paid directly to your personal Account.

NOTE:- If i finally decided to employ you as my farm house Assistance supervisor, I will apply for your work permit approval directly from the CIC Immigration Department here in Canada and once it is approved that will guarantee your visa and work permit approval in your country during the submission of your visa and work permit application over there in your country for visa and work permit procurement to enable you travel down here in Canada and join duty.
I will handle the whole documentation process over here with the Lawyer and the CIC Immigration Services, and also i’ll take care of any expenses involved over here while you will apply for your visa yourself over there in your country once your application is already approved from here.
And you will be paid for three months’ upward salary immediately after the confirmation of your work permit visa approval over there in your country to enable you to arrange yourself and family before coming over here in Canada to resume duty.
All you need to do is let me know how serious and ready you are to take up this opportunity so we can discus further on next action and I want you not to waste time in responding to any mail you received from me.. All other formalities once we complete your visa application will be taking care of by me as your employer, such as your work permit visa fee, flight ticket and preparation of accommodation.

Please do understand that am doing this because i urgently need a helping hand as soon as possible and do not accept this offer of employment or do not write me further if you cannot afford to accept the terms and conditions of this offer outlined.
Get back to me with the copies of your international passport data page and a recent passport photograph if you’re okay with the content of this terms and conditions of my job offered so we can proceed further and to make the employment contract agreement documents by my lawyer.
Once i received your response along with the required documents, I will forward it to my lawyer so he can prepare the employment agreement documents and I will send to you for signing when it’s time, and once again please do not accept or respond to this mail if you know you are not okay with the terms and conditions given herein.
I will wait to hear from you again for further action.
Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Howard Scot Miller DVM
Tel: +1-(343)700-6023
Home Address:-273 pharmacy Ave Scarborough On Mil 3E9, Canada.

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