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Help with NOC (2131/1225) – Post ITA


I have an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a PG Diploma in Construction Management. My job involves the following duties:

1) To strategize and develop the contracting strategy for major contracts
2) Identifying vendors, estimation of quantities, issuing of tender as per the nature of work
3) To initiate initial negotiations with vendors
4) Develop network with multiple vendors from different segments and specialisations
5) Develop and manage project wise Price Index for various items
6) Develop database and process for item rate analysis
7) Developing individual contract for each project and rationalise the changes made to each contract based on respective project conditions
8) Checking feasibility of alternative options for Cost Control and Optimization
9) Co-ordination with various functions (project site, vendors, head office) for the respective projects
10) Focusing on cost mitigation of claims arising through possible losses/damages, alteration and changes in requirements
11) To ensure that vendors comply with the required statutory compliance
12) To build rapport and relationship with all key and critical vendors
13) Ensure that vendor issues are addressed appropriately to ensure timely deliveries at the project sites
14) To assist in handling Project Claim Management, manage subcontractors involved in customer/Joint Venture interfaces
15) To assist in Change Order Administration for Engineering contracts
16) To assist in implementation, up-gradation and ensuring smooth functioning of SAP for contracts module

I’m pretty confused as to which NOC should I be applying under. I’ve received an ITA on my profile under NOC Civil Engineer (2131), however the NOC for Purchase Officer (1225) seems to match most of duties listed in my job description.

I’d really appreciate if anyone could guide me on this.

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