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Help! Am I between a rock and hard place? Quebec PEQ – Temporary Skilled Worker submitted but only 10 days left on my IEC work permit

Help! I have sent off my PEQ – Temporary Skilled Worker application which I know that MIDI has received since they took the application fee from my credit card on 25th September 2020. However, I have received no application id number yet. I entered Canada on a IEC work permit in October 2018. I’m not exactly sure what to do now in order to continune working until I know the outcome of my PEQ.

I can’t extend my IEC since an ‘in process’ PEQ application is not a valid reason for an extension. Is it the federal A 75, a closed work permit, what I need to apply for? Or given that I hold an open work permit now, do I apply for an open work permit?

It’s been a long road to get to the point of submitting my PEQ despite having met the PEQ – Temporary Skilled Worker criteria at the end of February, getting the evidence to support my application was another matter. I’d really hate to fall at the final hurdle and therefore I would appreciate some much needed timely advice.

Thanks in advance.

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