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!!HELP!! After Positive LMIA !

Hi. My employer just received LMIA for me.
The LMIA is Dual Intent.
Please help me with following questions

I am currently IN CANADA with open work permit, my visa ends in 4months. I want to apply for Employer Specific Work Permit AND Express Entry.

Q1. For Employer Specific Work Permit, as far as I know, I need
– In Canada Application
– Job Offer letter & positive LMIA letter
– Police Certificate
– Medical Certificate

I have heard that I also must give
– Certificate of Degree if the position requires some qualification
– Letter of Employment if the position requires experiences
– CELPIP or IELTS if the position is management

**Do I need all 8 above? Or first 4?
(The position for this work permit is Restaurant Manager.)

Q2. I started working at this Restaurant since June this year (4months ago). Is the Job Offer letter date supposed to be the date I actually started (June) or the date employer got the positive LMIA (September)?

Q3. Is there any other required documents for Employer Specific Work Permit?

Thank you so much for your help!

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