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Graduate teaching assistant part-time work experience issue


I will really appreciate your help with this. I have been working as a graduate teaching assistant at a USA university for five years now (as a part of my Ph.D.). It was paid and part-time. I was employed at every fall/spring and summer semesters. However, the nature of my job is such that in the summer university divides the period into two parts and only employ staff of one period. For example, Track A is May to July and Track B is July to end of August. I was constantly employed in Track B for the last five years. So whenever my university provides employment opportunities, I have been employed continuously. S o my question is do I still qualify for FSW, and even though there is a gap in employment due to the nature of the job? Is there anyone who was successful with this situation with express entry. I have Masters, CLB 10, but this is the only thing that worries me. Thank you so much!


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