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Got Rejected From Multiple Universities

CGPA of 2.72/4 in Bachelors of Science Computer Science.

I had applied in University of Manitoba, Windsor University, Western University, and Bishop’s University. All for Masters of Computer Science (Course Based) and Masters of Applied Computing in Windsor.

I got rejected from University of Manitoba, and Windsor University, I am also not hoping to be admitted in Western University either.

The option left is Bishop’s University and I had already received its Letter of Admission 2 weeks back.

I want to ask this community that is it better to go for Course Based Masters in Bishop’s University, or is it better if I apply for any Graduate Diplomas?

My ultimate goal is securing a PR. I would be able to score a PR through Express Entry even if I get a graduate diploma or a Masters Degree.

Please, only the community present here can help me, I would really like a reply from you guys.


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