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Got my application refused because the officer can’t confirm that I have more than a year offer


I just got my refusal for CEC today and I honestly disagree with what the officer said. I copy and paste the letter:

Based on the documentation submitted with your application for permanent residence, I am not satisfied you possess a valid offer of arranged employment because the offer of employment letter does not state that the employment is for ‘continuous full-time work in Canada having a duration of at least one year after the date on which a permanent resident visa is issued’ as per R82 (1).

The ‘Offer of Employment’ you have submitted is the original letter of offer from *employer name* from May of 2017. The letter of employment (from Empolyer name) states that you work “on a full-time, permanent basis of 40 hours per week”, which does not satisfy me of a qualifying offer of employment.

This just sounds bonkers to me. It reads like the officer thinks I wouldn’t have a job for more than a Year after receiving my PR, but the next paragraph says that I have “full time permanent basis of 40 hours per week”. I’ve been working almost 3 years on the same company and I have an employment letter that I had from 2017 which they told me to submit as well which I did.

I don’t know what to do, I am proving that I have PERMANENT WORK, should I appeal? Also Maybe it has to do with the case that we changed names? We had the name “a” when I got hired and changed name to name “b” but I also submitted a letter with the legal stuff talking about the name change and that we are in fact the same company.

Don’t know what to do.

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