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Got ITA on the day of completion of 1 year Canadian Work Experience

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. Sorry for the delay in replying. I have successfully got my PR on 03-Aug-2018 and completed my landing on 09-Aug-2018. I have proceeded with the ITA received on 25-Jun-2018 and Submitted my application.

Here are my complete timelines. Hope this will help someone:

First Landed in Toronto on Work Permit : 25-Jun-2017
Started Working in Toronto : 26-Jun-2017
ITA : 25-Jun-2018
e-APR : 01-Jul-2018
AOR : 03-Jul-2018
MEP : 15-Jul-2018
ADR : 26-Jul-2018
PPR : 03-Aug-2018
Landing : 09-Aug-2018

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