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Getting Married after PR | Canada Immigration Forum

I have received Canada PR last week and need to make an entry before 1 year from now.

My marriage is fixed on January 2018.

It seems I have 2 options

1. Let CIC know about the status change after the marriage.

In this case will my scores be recalculated?. Please note that my IELTS validity will be expired on January.
Do I need to maintain the same PR score when I am adding the spouse details(I wont have the same score as my IELTS will expire by then)?.
In this case will it be a risk, waiting for the marriage without landing?
Or can I add the spouse into PR by providing the necessary documents(IELTS required?) as I already having a VISA?

2. Land in CANADA before January and sponsor the spouse after marriage

Can you please advice me how to proceed or if there is any other possibilities?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and Regards,

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