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GCMS notes show approval of permit 2 months before first stage approval

Finally received GCMS notes – 26/8 applied so took almost a month which was not a surprise given the frustrations this forum exposes amongst applicants.
Applied study permit 22/5 for 4 year degree
Biometrics completed 17/6
Permit approved 22/6!!! That is 5 days after the last piece of evidence was provided in the form of fingerprints.

First stage received triggered by webform confirmed in notes 18/8
All other webforms were ignored and left unanswered.
Time for another webform, to ask how first stage approval claiming lack of evidence can be sent 2 months after GCMS notes confirm the permit passed all eligibility and approved for issue, actual POE letter on hold, so it takes one key stroke to email that out.
I’m disappointed the decision to ignore the webforms.
Although the application was nominated for London IRCC, the application was processed in Edmonton.

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