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GCMS notes says Review Required Pending outstanding PC (RCMP)


I’m CEC inland with AOR 2019-09-19 and MEP 2019-10-10.

On 2019-10-10 I was requested to submit RCMP fingerprint based criminal record check. On 2019-10-29 I uploaded the RCMP record check. Until now, it still says “The additional document you provided has been uploaded” on my web portal.

Recently I received GCMS notes generated on 2019-10-30, which shows that the RCMP record has been uploaded.

Under program assistant review, it says:

REVIEW TYPE: Program Assistant APPLICATION #: Exxxx REGULATION: CEC I have reviewed this application based upon the documents submitted by the applicant and the information contained in the file and note the following. MIN.SCORE: 462 CRS SCORE: 465 Principal Applicant Application Promoted: Existing UCI Primary Applicant Medical Attached to UCI: Yes Client Fees: Verified —– LANGUAGES—–Principal Applicant 1 English – IELTS and Met Threshold & Verified —–EDUCATION —–Primary Applicant 1 – Canadian educational credential on file; credential reviewed; Canadian Institution Verified Level of education: Bachelor’s Degree —–POLICE CERTIFICATE—–Primary Applicant 1 – Canada police certificate: Request Letter Sent for fingerprints R10 OK Recommendation: Review Required – Pending outstanding PC —–AGE —– Applicant’s age reviewed and no change from ITA to e-APR ——DOCUMENTS SET FOR REVIEW—–Client Information.

In another part of the GCMS notes, indeed it shows my client information status is “review required” while other documents such as education credential, passport, transcript … have status “checked”.

I also noticed that they’ve done some info sharing with USA such as FBI and the status is NRT (No result traceable). I’m seeing nothing that implies security screening.

Am I in trouble for this review-required thing with RCMP fingerprint check, which has been uploaded, and it’s also clean(I don’t have any criminal record)? Is it normal for people who get requested for RCMP record check to be put under “review required”?


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