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GCMS note – how to read? (eligibility)

Hi guys
I just got my note today and it’s very long (amazingly long).
Would like to ask your experience: how to know (ie which section) that our eligibility is passed, or in a nutshell , know where our progress is?

Thank you

The three simple steps to read your GCMS notes:

1. Verify that they are your notes by checking your application number, your name and date of birth on page 1.

2. See page 2 for the assessments. This is the overview of your application stages. To read on stages, see

3. Then flip to the last 3-5 pages, this is where the notes entered by the immigration officers are and will provide you with the details.

Once done, you will have a clear grip of your application and then you can read in details about the assessments and calculations and the incoming and outgoing documents which will be in the middle of your notes.

To see if your eligibility is passed, see my post on it at #2,521

To read on security, which starts after eligibility is conclusively passed, see

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