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Full time paid training period count towards Work experience?


I have 3 years 3 months of full time, paid work ex at Infosys after completing my studies. My role during those 3 years was – Systems Engineer. However, my designations were:
Systems Engineer – Trainee (June 2017 – Nov 2017)
Systems Engineer (Dec 2017 – Jun 2019)
Senior Systems Engineer (June 2019 – Oct 2020)

In Infosys portal, the roles and responsibilities mentioned are for the ‘Role’ which is Systems Engineer.
In my experience letter, they have mentioned the designation ‘Senior Systems Engineer’ and the corresponding responsibilities.

My question is:
Will the training period count towards my work ex? Do I need to explain this in my letter etc? If I ask Infosys to mention all designations above the responsibilities, will it be ok?



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