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Fired with CWP, now what can I do?


I have a CWP that expires in Feb 2021, the inmigration method my company used was through LMIA, I was fired and now in the searching of a new employer I have a company was wanted hire me but they say they have to create a new work permit to can hire me and that can take from 6 to 8 months and they cannot wait that longer.
I have worked with my company more than 1 year before they fired me.
Now I don’t have job and my saves are almost gone so I need to be hired soon or my family and I will have serious problems.

My questions are:

1) What can do in my situation to can be hire in a short period of time (some companies would hire me if the proccess don’t take 6 months or more)
2)Is there any chance to can transfer my current CWP to a new employer without the new employer has to go through LMIA (that take 6 months)
3)Can I apply to a OWP or what can I do?

Any help on this is much apreciated.


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