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I am filing a Family Class – Outland Application
I am going to sponsor my husband who lives outside Canada. I am a permanent resident living in Canada. My husband is an Indian Citizen living in the USA.

1. I have been unemployed for a long time for the past year and have filed taxes for the last year. Is there a requirement to show proof of funds to support my sponsorship and undertaking? If so, how much amount should I show? Although they mention job is not a requirement will my unemployment lead to rejection of our application?

2. Do I need to include the following as supporting documents along with the application or take them when an interview is requested? It is going to become a huge package!
a. Marriage certificate
b. several wedding photos
c. social networking posts
d. Bank statement showing funds
e. Flight tickets showing visits (I have been visiting the US and staying for almost 2 months each time)
f. Chat history (selected pages since we started talking)
g. Tax filing for 2019
h. IDs, DOB certificate, Police Clearance docs for PA

Am I missing anything?

Thank you!

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