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EPF as Settlement funds for SINP- needs a letter from PF office

The SINP will not reject your application, if they will have any question they will ask you. I provided the following explanation in my case, you may use if you want. I shared URL for one of the tax site, please check for few more to make your case stronger.

The EPFO didn’t provide any letter as the EPF balance details are already available on the EPFO passbook and withdrawal rules are given below.
The EPF is divided into 3 parts (employee contribution + employer contribution + pension contribution)

Employee Provident Fund Withdrawl Rules:
As per EPF withdrawal rules, a salaried employee can withdraw full EPF balance if remain unemployed for 2 months.
The EPFO can waive off the 2 months waiting period if the employee is migrating to settle in a foreign country. To avail this concession the applicant would need to produce visa copy.

Tax on Provident Fund Withdrawl:
If a salaried employee opts for withdrawal after continuous service of five years or above, there will be no Tax deduction on the amount.

Source of above information: (attached screen shots for your reference).

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