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Entering Canada on Dual Intent


I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is a Lithuanian Citizen. We are planning to apply for her permanent residency before the end of the year. We were planning to do the application inland, but we fear she won’t be granted entry to the country. Even though we are married and she’s from a visa exempt country, my wife currently don’t have any assets or job in Lithuania that would create proof that she would return to her country after her visitor visa runs out or her PR declined.
In a non-pandemic time, she would just enter as a visitor and we would apply afterwards. However, at this time, I would imagine border crossing will be stricter and ask many questions. Lying (saying that we are only here for visitor purposes) is out of the question, as we absolutely don’t want to jeopardise our future in Canada.
Anyone with a spouse from visa exempt country in a similar situation could shed some light on this situation.

Thank you, and stay safe



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