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ECA from University of Toronto (CES)

I was relocated with my job back in Nov 2017 and I’m on a 3 yrs work permit (valid until Nov 2020). Similar with your situation, if they will validate my Master, I should have enough CRS points to get ITA at the first draw.. I heard that the entire process of getting your PR can take up to 1,5 years (not 100% sure) so I’m just trying to be sure that by Nov 2020 everything will be done, as in my case I would have to go back in my country if I will not get my PR.

I would recommend Toronto (because of the weather, activities and job opportunities, even if I think it’s pretty difficult to get a job everywhere :( – my husband had to wait more than one year for an opportunity in Toronto which is different compared with his background).

Good luck with your EE and definitely keep in touch about our ECA! Please share any update you will receive :)

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