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ECA – diploma/certificate course after 4 yr Bachelors degree

Hello everyone,

I have a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from a Pakistani University and am exploring options to do a post graduate diploma (generally 1 yr duration) or post graduate certificate course (generally 2-3 months duration). Say I go for a post grad certificate course,
1. Would I be able to claim points for education in my EE profile for “two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees of which one is a program of three or more years” using a single ECA from WES?
2. If the answer to (1) is Yes then could anyone share their experience of going through this process with regards to the documentary proofs required by WES to evaluate the PGCert course.
3. If the answer to (1) is No then does that mean that I’d need 2 separate evaluations from WES for the Bachelors degree and the PGCert.
Is it a No because WES doesn’t consider a PGCert for ECA purposes and hence there would be no use of including the PGCert in my EE profile to claim more points (128/150 points for 2 certificates instead of 120/150 for the Bachelors only).

Would really appreciate any advice from forum members!

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