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Does the Post Graduate Certificate (2 years) considered Masters?

Hi guys,

Some Background Info :
I am originally from India,
I did Bachelors of Computer Applications (3 years Bachelors) in India, and I am in 1st Division. So those of you who don’t know, basically above 60% out of 100 in my bachelors.

I did Post Graduation Certificate course in Canada : Mobile Application Design and Development (2 years course) and got into Software Engineering position in GTA. But I am aiming for doing Masters from UOFT or some good university in Computer Science and possible go into Research. While in Canada, I did Applied Research in Lambton College, for past 1 year.

Question :
Now admission’s minimum requirements are that I need to have bachelors degree (3 years) and masters degree (2 years) to be eligible for masters in computer science in Canada. So does the Post Graduate Certificate (2 years) in Canada will be considered as Masters or it will be added to my Bachelors, does making it Bachelors (4 years) degree? For the life of me, I can’t figure out. Or should I get WES credentials and then ask university about possible admission?

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