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Dependent already in CAN, MA outside of CAN, waiting for COPR

Hello, my parents initiated a business immigration application approx. 4 years ago, and it is now approaching the final stage (medical result submitted 2 months ago, awaiting PPR). I am a dependent child who is currently working inside Canada with Post-Graduated Work Permit.

We understand that, upon receiving COPRs, applicants who are already in Canada can have theirs validated automatically. However, in this case, I am a dependent of an application, so in normal circumstances, my parnets would have to validate theirs before I can do so.

Therefore, I am wondering if I, the dependent child, can have my COPR validated automatically before my parents can land in Canada. Due to Canada’s travel restrictions, they won’t be able to do so, but they want me to get mine ASAP so that things can be easier. Thank you!

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