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Delay ITA submission for arrival of kids renewed passport or not?

I am CEC invite case claiming 50 points for job offer presently working in Canada since 2019.

My kids passport is expiring in Dec2020 and its renewal was on hold as USA consulates were closed. Just this week i applied for passport renewal under emergency quota. It will take 2 weeks or so to come by post.

My ITA has around 25 days left. Can you please suggest
a) Should i wait for kids passport to come and then submit my application. In this case, my AOR will be delayed & as i am job offer case, any issue in job is risky say some issue after 6 months from today and I postponed my submission by 15 days etc. i.e. job issue just before final checks.
b) Submit documents with proof of new passport application & scan of old cancelled passport with visa stamps. Anyway, new passport will come empty. I assume one can submit a renewed passport of kid even after 2-3 weeks of AOR?

please suggest which of the above two option is better in this case.?



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