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CSQ – Changing employers while in Québec

Hi, I have a few questions regarding my visa situation.

I’m currently:
1. in Québec
2. working for a company with a closed work permit (valid until April 2019)
3. I have a CSQ

I have received an offer from another employer and I’d like to accept it and switch jobs. As far as I know, this should be a relatively quick and simple process. I seem to understand that the employer has to submit a request online with an offer letter and a copy of my CSQ, and once that’s processed I’m supposed to go to the border with an application number and I’ll get my new work permit.

My questions are:
1. Where is the employer supposed to submit this application? Does anybody have a link?
2. Am I supposed to apply for the visa before or after I give my resignation to my current employer? I ask this because, assuming I get the new visa while still employed by the first company, I would come back from the border with a visa that says I’m only allowed to work for the second company. Would I be able to work my notice period with the first company, and be paid for it? Or should I resign first and apply for the visa later?

Thank you so much in advance to anybody who can help!

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