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CRS with multiple NOCs (FSW)

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading around that in order to be eligible for a FSW, one of the requirements is 1 year continuous work experience under one NOC. The minimum score has be 67/100. So far all clear, as I have a year experience under NOC 4012.
I also read once you are in the pool you can claim points from multiple NOCs for for final CRS. Here, I am stuck. I have a 5.2 yr part-time experience that would be equivalent to 2.5yr full-time under NOC 4011. If I add up experiences from both NOCs will I be able to score for the experience of 3 yrs or above? If yes, do I get the same score for experience as a person who has worked under one NOC for past 3 years?
I am using calculator to get my CRS for? Can I select an option of 3-year or more (foreign) experience?
Am I on the right track? Can anyone with EE profile or ITA share experience which matches my case?

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