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Correcting Honest Mistake on PR application already submitted

Hi i hope you can help me. I made a typo error in my application, in imm5532 part c where you put additional information about your relationship. instead of typing june 2016 when we started dating i wrote june 2017 in year. We got married may 2017. So obviously its a typo error. Can i correct it through webform? Thank you.
QUOTE=”Jaykay101, post: 7296142, member: 748535″]No need to cancel the application and start afresh. Mistakes do happen. As long as he raised a case and sent a letter of application about it immediately he realised his mistake, he should be fine. It takes about 10 business days for the case he raised to be attached to his file. He should call CIC after about 10 days to confirm if it’s now been attached to his application . He should also get an email advising that the case he raised has been sent to the appropriate department.

Speaking from experience – I forgot to mention a visa refusal. This is what I did and it got attached to my case and I got my PR. Best of luck.

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