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Hi, since TEFaQ (or a similar French test) is required for the immigration to Québec, I hope I can still ask that question here.

I just got my TEFaQ results, B1 for listening and B2 for speaking. For listening I miss 4 points for B2. During the exam, the teacher told us we should be calm and she has even seen a few people getting A2 in listening and finally getting B2 for both.

Which conditions must be met that someone gets lifted up to B2 from A2, if not even I get my 4 points? Do you know if I can contest the test? I am super comfortable in French, understand everything in daily life and so that’s why I am so confident that the test is uncapable of testing someones performance accurately. They told me I can’t, and I smell a big false declaration here. Is that true? You can’t contest the test results at all?

Thanks for any help!

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