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Conflicting messages about PR Card

If you got your CoPR, but haven’t landed

If we sent you a CoPR, but you haven’t been able to go to one of our offices in Canada to validate it, we’ll contact you to tell you what to do. Use the web form if you need to update your contact information.

You should not travel to a port of entry to validate your CoPR. This is not considered essential travel and you won’t be able to validate it this way.

Due to COVID-19, we have a new process to confirm permanent resident status. We don’t need a CoPR for this new process if you are in Canada.

Permanent resident cards
Once you become a permanent resident, we’ll send you a document to confirm your new status in Canada. We’ll also ask you to provide a photo so we can start the process of issuing your first permanent resident (PR) card. You don’t need to apply for your first PR card.

While you wait for your PR card, you can use this document to prove that you’re a PR in Canada and to apply for government benefits and services that you’re eligible for such as, to apply for your social insurance number so you can work.
It may take longer than usual for us to issue your PR card.

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