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Completed Interview, what are your thoughts?

My Algerian husband was called to an interview which he completed in an hour today and I have concerns based on my own gut feelings combined with other posts I have read on this forum. I am a Canadian, met my husband while we were both on vacation in Paris Mar 2016, both returned to Paris to visit and stay together May 2016, both returned to stay together Aug 01 2016 and married NOV 2016 . He returned to Algeria NOV 2016 and I returned to Canada for 2 weeks only to obtain an Algerian 6 month Visa. I returned to Canada for 5 days in Jan for emergency, and MAY 2017 for one week to obtain another Algerian Visa. I have worked for Health Canada for years and took a one year sabbatical and gave up my rental and all possesions to stay together with him in Algeria.


JAN 2017 Submitted Spousal Sponsership (outbound) from Algeria with completed police clearance check and medical
FEB 2017 received confirmation of receipt
FEB 2017 received my approval for sponsorship
APR 2017 submitted request for 6 month Visitor Visa for my husband, was denied despite exceeding all requirements and (refused to return my original notarized documents declaring him as my legal dependant);
after submitting countless fact containing emails to my MP, PMO, Minister of Immigration, the Ambassador, none of which were responded to with assistance or specific answers, we resubmitted.
MAY 2017 second denial for husbands Visitor Visa.
MAY 2017 notice of interview. Received 3 emails within one hour, beginning with the date of APR 25 2017, JUNE 25 2017, and finally JUNE 6 2017.
JUNE had interview today. IM would not speak to me, only to my husband privately. Provided further proof of relationship.

It seems like the majority of Algerian spousal cases are concerning other Algerians that previously immigrated to Canada and are sponsering someone from back home; I have yet to come across a case where that Algerian has been willing to return to Algeria during the duration of processing time in order to live together with their spouse, where all of their family lives, and where theyre permitted to work. Ive given up a lot in order to live in a country where I dont have health coverage, the right to work, or have any family, yet we were red flagged for an interview.

The concerns of the content of the interview I have are as follows. The IO demanded to know why I “wasnt pregnant ‘yet'”. While I wouldnt judge another woman who may choose to get pregnant immediately after marriage, with a person not permitted to even VISIT Canada, living in a dangerous country with inadequate healthcare and no coverage, its not in any way for me. Seeing how a Canadian womans willingness to have a child is not indicated anywhere within the Immigration and Refugee Act, and it is not normal to get pregnant immediately after marriage in Cdn culture; I fail to understand how my choice is permitted to be judged, by a male IO nonetheless.

My husband was asked what we would do if the response was NO, and he answered that we would just live in Algeria, instead of indicatign that we would appeal and stay in Algeria if all appeals failed.

He was asked if we went on a honeymoon. In our original application cover letter, it indicated that we would be going on honeymoon to Tunisia. Today, the IO was provided proof of travel to Tunisia (in MARCH) but my husband inexplicably responded with “No, because living in Paris was essentially the honeymoon”. We went to Tunisia bc I had to exit Algeria prior to the 90th day of my VIsa before re entering; it wasnt viewed like it was a honeymoon as opposed to a necessary trip. Im sure the IO is going to wonder how a guy doesnt know he was on a “honeymoon”.

The IO looked at but did not take my husbands passport. He said we will receive an email in 2-3 weeks with a decision and did not say he was going to approve nor deny. I know the process has changed in the past year, but it seems like the IO says yes in person and takes the passport with them if a case is approved.

Does anyone have recent experience where they received an approval after the interview as opposed to at the time of?

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