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Complete Guide to Annamalai University Distance Postgraduate Diploma Admission and ECA

ECA from WES –

Scenario A – Bachelors ECA not done yet

  • Create your WES account and add your bachelors as well as PGD credentials together.

Information to be entered for PGD:
Name of the Institution: Annamalai University
Name of Diploma/Certificate: Postgraduate Diploma
Is this credential a doctorate degree? – No
Field of Study:
Year Awarded: 2019
Years Attended: 2018-2019

  • Pay 220 CAD + shipping and you will get your WES reference number. You can opt for the cheapest shipping option because hard copy is not required.
  • You can download the WES transcript request form and attach it with the other documents you send to Annamalai. (Optional)
  • Initiate the transcripts process from your bachelors university as well as from Annamalai. Both transcripts have to be sent directly by the university to WES.
  • Scan your bachelors degree certificate and Annamalai provisional diploma and fax them to WES using

In Sender Info enter your name and email address. In Receiver Info, put Name as WES Canada, Fax # 416-972-9004 and Subject “Photocopy of Degree/Diploma. Ref no. XXXXXXX. Make sure that “Use No-Ad Free Cover Page” is checked, and in Fax Content mention your WES reference number again. Click on choose file and select the bachelors degree scan. Click on Send FREE Fax Now! Repeat this process for the diploma.

Alternatively, you can courier a colour photocopy of your degree and diploma in a single envelope to WES.

WES Canada address :

WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

  • Your ECA will only begin once WES receives both set of transcripts from the universities and your bachelors degree scan and the provisional PGD photocopy/scan.

Scenario B – Bachelors ECA done. Reference number generated before Dec 1, 2018

If your WES reference number was generated before Dec 1, 2018, they will ask for your bachelors transcripts again when you go for the upgrade even if they were sent directly by the university. To avoid the hassle of going through the process again, go for CES for your PGD.

Scenario C – Bachelors ECA done. Reference number generated after Dec 1, 2018

WARNING : WES always requests re-verification from Annamalai. If you see your status as ON HOLD, it means WES has sent your transcripts back to Annamalai for re-verification. You should immediately make the re-verification payment of 50 USD (INR 3600) so that the process is swift. Annamalai is infamous for taking months to complete the process.

WES Re-verification process –

Once your WES status changes like in the screenshots above, do the following :

  1. Go to
  2. Select Fees Head “Transcript Foreign (RE-VERIFICATION)”
  3. Enter all your details and Amount 3600.
  4. Make the payment and save pdf of the receipt.
  5. Email the receipt to with subject line “WES Re-verification fees payment receipt” and include your Name, Annamalai register number, WES reference number in the email.

ECA from CES –

Scenario D – Bachelors ECA not done yet

Go for WES for your bachelors ECA.

Scenario E – Bachelors ECA done from WES (Scenario B)

  • Create your CES account and add your PGD credentials.

Information to be entered for PGD:
Name of Academic Institution: Annamalai University
Institution Location City/Town: Annamalai Nagar
Country: India
Name of Certificate/Diploma/Degree Program: Postgraduate Diploma
Official Length of the Program (in years): 1
Dates Attended – From: 1 May 2018
Dates Attended – To: 31 May 2019
Graduated: Yes
Date Awarded:

  • Upload colour scan both sides of your provisional diploma and marksheet in the Final Award and Statement of Marks sections respectively.
  • Pay 210 CAD + 90 CAD + 13% HST shipping. You need hard copy of CES report to scan and upload post ITA. CES does not provide soft copy.
  • You can download the CES transcript request form and attach it with the other documents you send to Annamalai. (Optional)
  • Initiate the transcripts process from Annamalai. You can collect the transcripts in a sealed envelope and send to CES yourself or have Annamalai send it directly, choice is yours.
  • Your evaluation will complete within 12 weeks of CES receiving your transcripts.

CES Address :

Student No: X________
Comparative Education Service (CES)
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
c/o Research Department
158 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5S 2V8

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