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Common Law Sponsorship, need answers quick!

Currently my common law came to Canada on January 11, 2020 and we have applied for Visitor Extension July 11th, to which we got accepted 3 weeks after. The visitor extension expires January 11th of 2021 which would be a full year of him being here in Canada, thus being eligible to apply for common law sponsorship.

here is my concern, do we need to apply for another visitor extension December 11th? Which is 30 days before current status expires? Because it does say we need to stay 12 months living together and January 11th would be the full year. Should we apply on December 11th to be on the safe side, and apply for Common Law sponsorship the day after January 11th while visitor extension is in process? Would that be the safest bet??

Also because we are currently on visitor extension waiting for the 12 months, and apply for common law in January. Could it be possible if my partner and I visit his family in California for christmas? Or would he be denied entry? How does that work? Because we would want to visit his family soon but we are not sure if he would be let back in?


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