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Common-law proof. One more time.

Please, let us understand how we could prove our genuine common-law relationship if we don’t have any of the official documents listed here?

We have gathered all the documents for Express Entry and our CRS score should be enough to get ITA. Looking at the further process I have a question and didn’t find the right answer here.

We are not married yet, but are already engaged (I’ve made a proposal for my gf and have a video), we’ve been living together for more than a year, thus could be considered as common-law partners.
Unfortunately, from all the list to prove a common-law relationship the only thing we have is the rental agreement with both our names. No other joint accounts like insurance or driver’s licenses do exist in our country. The bills for electricity etc. were always been paid by our landlord, consequently no shared utility accounts and bills could be provided.

1. So, we only have a rental agreement signed by us and our landlord, plenty of photos/videos of trips and everyday life together during the period we are a couple. Would it be enough?

2. Also we want to get married, but wish we could do it in Canada after moving there. If we get married for about a month before creating EE profile, will it look like making this for immigration purposes or better trying to prove common-law instead?

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