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Combination of part-time and full time experience

I am based in India and studied in India itself.
I have 14 months of part-time (7 months full-time) work experience at 20 hours a week. I gained this work experience during my degree. 2nd April 2018 to 31st May 2019.
Since 1st June 2019, I engaged in full-time employment as I was done with my degree and I was offered to join the same position as a full-time employee. As a full-time employee, I am working for 51 hours a week. By October end I would have five months of full-time work experience. Would that mean that I would be eligible for express entry for Canada? Can we use such a combination of full time and part-time experience?

Kindly answer with the assumption that I am working in a category B NOC code with job profile similar to the descriptions provided by the Canadian Government.

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