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CIC Account file uploads and filling in kit application Queries

Dear Daveishan,

Thanks for all the help. Sorry for being a bother but could you please answer some more queries?

1. Referring to my question on sequentially arranging the documents, the requirements are given as per this Attached image which outlines the details. There are 2 tabs on my CIC account and both state ‘Kit, Application Forms’.
As per the attached image, should I either sequentially split the documents and then upload them on the tabs OR should I upload everything on one tab except the pictures and questionnaire (as they will be the heaviest) and upload them on the second tab?

2. The forms mentioned in the above attached image are IMM008enu general application form, travel form, background declaration form and family details form.
The forms are electronic and editable in PDF but where we have to write our names in our native language (i.e Urdu) it is not showing the correct name in native language.
Also the consent option and declaration option is uneditable so we cant fill it on computer.
Should we fill the form electronically or can we also print the forms, fill the native language name and consents and then scan documents to make the PDF?
Or will the IRCC reject them as they will need computer readable forms?
If yes then should we just write the wrong urdu script names and uplaod the electronic forms?

Thanks alot for your help. Awaiting your reply.

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