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CIBC GIC Program | Canada Immigration Forum

Yess..i do
1.I found it very quick,
2. need to pay less as compared to scotia bank i.e. if u pay in CAD 150 extra
3. Ull get extra 25$ if u enter in refferal box.
1. Go to
2. Select ur country.
3. Select payment currency, ill recommend INR for indians. Because u not need to pay extra 150$.
4. Then enter ur details in next page and upload ur offer letter “here u need to select referell program and enter my email and u will ger $25 extra with $2000 upon account activation in canada”.
5. Within 2 days ull get details in which u will pay gic.
6. Details will be of 4 pages, each and every step will be mentioned there.(as i selected INR, thats why on details there was mentioned amount, beneficiary account standard charter bank Mumbai in my case)
7. Bring detais pages to bank and pay it by neft to mentioned account.
8. There will be A2 form with details which u need to fill up with banl stamp and mail it to mentioned email address.
9. Within 2 or 3 days u will get email of ur GIC conformation.

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