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CES ECA for 3 year Bachelor + 2 years Master degree


I have 2 ECA reports from CES for my 3 years bachelors and 2 years master degree.

First I have sent my highest degree for assessment to CES – MCS (Master of Computer Science) 2 years Masters Degree.
CES Assessment for MCS is – Four-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
With Remarks – The equivalency for this credential is stated in conjunction with studies previously completed

I raised my concern with CES as my 3 year Bachelor’s degree + 2 years Master degree total studies is for 5 years and CES told me that they evaluate Bachelor and Master degree from India separately and advised to evaluate my bachelors degree as well.

Detail for my Bachelor’s degree : BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) 3 years Bachelors Degree
CES Assessment – Three-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university

Could you please confirm if this evaluation has been considered as 2 or more degrees.

Thanks a lot in advance for your valuable feedback.

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