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CEC from Quebec, and May I Apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit

Hi Guys,

I’ve made a few searches and saw several questions on CEC applications from Quebec, but not lucky enough to see specific answers. So here I would really appreciate your kind help.

I am currently working in Quebec in a closed work permit for my Quebec employer, and my work permit is expiring in 3 months (end of November). I have applied via Express Entry and specially via Canadian Experience Class with my working experience in Canada. I just received the AoR, and I believe a rough estimate of the processing time would bring me to next March.
I understand that an intention to move out of Quebec is necessary, and I am planning to do so after my work permit expires here. However, there is a delimma here: without work permit (and the worker visa alongside), I don’t hold a legal status in Canada, and not expected to work and live in Canada, which means my legal status here will be invalid after November; if I wanna stay legally in Canada, I would have to apply for an extension of work permit. However, this application, to my Quebec employer, would violates my intention of moving out of Quebec, and I am not doing so since neither me or IRCC would like to see that.
So what is my best move now? Should I let stand until my work permit expires, and move to Ontario precisely before Nov. 30 (I have got friends living in Ontario)? Will I be able to stay legally in Ontario even my work permit and visa have expired?

There is another visa type, that is, bridging open work permit (BOWP), this is for those applicants who are waiting for their EE applications to be processed, but work permit is expiring in 4 months. But it says the applicants should not live in Quebec. So may I apply for that? If so, should I quit my job before my work permit expires, and move to Ontario a little earlier (say, October 31), such that I can meet the requirement of ‘Not living in Quebec’?

Thank you guys so much for your precious time. Hope everybody is doing well during this hard time.

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