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CEC – Accompany to Canada & Spouses Siblings


Need assistance to ensure we have filled out the forms correctly.

My wife has been invited under the CEC for Express Entry.

She did so by receiving points for Age, Level of Education, Language Proficiency, Canadian Work Experience, and Canadian Education.

My wife just completed 1 year work experience. We married very recently. I along with my 2 siblings and parents are Canadian Citizens. My wife also has an Aunt in Canada who has her PR.

As stated we need help ensuring we have answered the questions correctly.

Q: Personal Details>Family> Does my wife have a relative who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada?
A: Yes
Q:This Person is:
A: Spouse

We answered me here as I obviously am her closet relative.

Q: (Spouse)Personal Details>Names> Will this person accompany my wife to Canada?
A: No
Q:Explain why not?
A: He already lives in Canada.

We answered No here as I am already in Canada. Please let me know if my thinking is wrong here.

Q: (Spouse)Personal Details>Family>Does Spouse have a relative who is a citizen or PR?
A: Yes
Q: This Person is?
A: Sister/Brother

I then added my brother, sister, mother and father in as my family members.

I know they will not give my wife any points but I still have to list everyone correct?

After answering the questions we got access to the checklist of the supporting documents they need to see.

Under the Spouse>Supporting Documents they are asking for:

1. Passport/Travel Docs
2.Proof of Citizenship/PR of Sibling
3.Proof of Residency in Canada of sibling
4.Proof of sibling relationship
5.Family member proof of status

For these as back up I have:

1. My Passport – page with my picture and information and any pages with stamps/etc
2. Passport (Photo of page with picture and information) for both Sister and Brother
3. Drivers Licence, Cell phone bill – for both Sister and Brother
4. I have birth certificates for everyone but my brother. Is this fine or do I need to get him to request a new copy of his birth certificate?
5. Passport (Photo of page with picture and information) for both Sister, Brother, Father & Mother.

Do I need to provide more evidence than this?

Why do I need to provide evidence for my siblings if they are not providing any points to my wife’s score?

Your assistance and guidance is appreciated!

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