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Can’t determine how much I need to sponsor my family in Quebec

Hi there,

I have heard that the PGP program is about to re-open soon and I would like to apply.

However, I am not able to calculate the salary needed to know if I can sponsor all my family.

I don’t understand the calculator’s headlines, such as and where do I count myself in all of this.

If someone can help me with the calculations I would be really appreciated.

This is my information -> I got my PR last year and I’m currently working in Quebec.

I would want to sponsor:-

1) My mother, her husband and 2 step-sisters (under 18) – dependants.
2) My father, his wife and 1 step-sister (under 18) – dependants.

How much salary in Quebec do I need to have in order to be able to sponsor 7 + 1(me)?


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