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Can you please help me to select a right NOC code for Sales Administrative Officer?

Hello everyone,
I worked as a Sales Administrative Officer for a multi-national company(this title is mentioned on my contract)
My work was more like a sales administrator cum administrative Assistant. What NOC code I should use for my Express Entry program? I am considering between NOC 1215 and NOC 1241.
My main duties as below:

  • Acting as initial point of contact for inquiries and requests
  • Responding to requests from customers (via phone, email)
  • Preparing & providing quotes, sales contract
  • Preparing and issuing Purchase Orders to suppliers domestic and overseas
  • Preparing & processing invoices, delivery order, declaration form for all sales transactions
  • Responding to import and/or export customs compliance requests for information
  • Sourcing quotes from forwarders & determining, negotiating contract terms and conditions with forwarders
  • Monitoring forwarders to ensure compliance and to facilitate the import and export clearance process; to arrange to pick up, load, unload, position products to the delivered site and to ensure timely deliveries; and resolve work-related issues
  • Liaising with the Technical Service Department to update shipping schedule, to set up & confirm repair/installation service schedule and other queries from customers
  • Co-ordinating the flow of information internally, with other departments and with customers
  • Managing and updating spare parts inventory
  • Preparing & presenting monthly sales report to the CEO
  • Arranging travel tickets and making hotel reservations
  • Filling and archiving all electronic and hard copies of documents and related paperwork

Thank you, everyone!

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