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Can I apply for a new work permit while I am on an implied status waiting for a visitor record?


My work permit ends soon, I was thinking maybe I could apply for a visitor record (but that takes time to get an answer and I’d be on implied status) so when my work permit expires I would have more time to look for another job and apply for a work permit (for a specific employer LMIA).
Normally, this is not allowed, but with covid outbreak, Canada allowed this.. However my question really is.. Can I apply for a work permit if my current work permit is expired and I am in Canada under an implied status because I have applied for visitor record?

Thank you

edit: I am not quite sure if I am even eligible to benefit for the new public policy that allows people with valid visitor status to apply for a work permit?
It states that

  1. They must have held valid status in Canada as a visitor on August 24, 2020 (if they leave Canada after this date and then re-enter, they will lose their eligibility under the Policy).

However, on August 24, continuing even now, I had/have valid LMIA work permit – I suspect this means I cannot even benefit from this temporary public policy?


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